Jupiter-3 madness

Last month I made a deal with Jamie from RFF and traded a Jupiter-9 8.5cm 1:2 lens in Kiev/Contax mount for a Jupiter-3 5cm 1:1.5 in Leica screw mount (M39) for my Bessa. The lens I always wanted. Ever since I knew how good the Jupiter-8 is. And Jupiter-3 is said to be even better!

Here is one picture taken in my room. It was quite dark in there... but I had enough time to focus precisely and this is the result:

Bessa R2 + Jupiter-3 50mm f/1.5 @ f/1.5 on Fomapan 100

I just love the soft creamy 'Sonnar' bokeh... As we went out, I wanted to try it also outside wide open... and I think the following is still a nice photo, albeit a bit misfocussed... and the bokeh is sooo smoooth...

Bessa R2 + Jupiter-3 50mm f/1.5 @ f/1.5 on Fomapan 100

The next picture I took with the lens a bit stopped down to increase depth of field. By the way - that's Brian, my dog (on the left), and Lubka, my beautiful girlfriend (on the right) ;o)

Bessa R2 + Jupiter-3 50mm f/1.5 @ f/4 on Fomapan 100


Anonymous said...

Very very good blog!!!

Martin said...

Fíha....pekné fotky tie bez farby :-)


Mukul (payasam) said...

Lubka has a charming smile, though Brian seems bored if not actually grouchy. I have the same lens and hope to do well with it.

Anonymous said...

celý den koukám na tenhle objektiv na netu, myslím že to bude výborná alternativa pro mou M6ku, díky za ukázkové fotky.